Here at Interautomatika, we care about the successful use of the products we sell. Our services post-finishing the order include product repair and replacement during the warranty period, equipment start-up and adjustment, personnel training, equipment programming, and other technical service work, defined at the time of ordering the goods.

Equipment Repair

If the equipment does not work properly during the warranty period, Interautomatika's service team will provide repair services or mediate between the manufacturer and the customer to arrange for the delivery of new equipment. Before making decisions, we determine what caused the malfunctions and then carry out the necessary repair work to return the equipment to the condition it was in at the beginning of the device's operations.

Equipment start-up

If you have purchased new equipment and want to ensure that it is properly installed and runs smoothly, Interautomatika's service can help you. We have extensive experience in the installation of industrial automation equipment, so we will qualitatively perform all the necessary steps so that it is properly connected, configured, and works according to your needs.

Equipment programing

Interautomatika's product range includes devices that can be adapted to individual needs by properly programming them. If you need programming work, our specialists are ready to help. We have knowledge and experience in programming various equipment systems including controllers, sensors, switches, and other industrial automation devices.

Staff training

We know that using newly purchased equipment can raise questions and require special knowledge. Therefore, our technical service also offers personnel training services. We will come to the location of the device and present the guidelines for using the equipment to your staff. This will allow employees to understand the operation of the equipment faster and save time when using the device.

We aim to ensure that your business gets the most out of the equipment you use and provide you with professional support and service. By providing technical services, we strive to ensure that your business is up and running and that you can get the best results from your equipment.