Waste and drinking water

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Our partner Xylem Analytics offers quality equipment for wastewater and drinking water analysis. We offer O2, pH, NO3, TOC, COD BOD, SAC, NH4, PO4 meters, turbibity analyzers and conductivity meters for consistent liquid analysis. Both drinking water and wastewater treatment require analyzers to make direct measurements. Particularly accurate water analysis requires monitoring of wastewater facilities, which requires automatic calibration and/or adjustment; standard DIN analysis procedures – applicable analyzers. In addition to measuring instruments, sample preparation is also of great importance. For wastewater to be usable again or released into the environment, it must be treated in multi-stage wastewater treatment plants. There are three main stages of cleaning between the inlet and outlet of the device: mechanical cleaning, biological cleaning, and chemical cleaning. An additional part is the treatment of sludge generated during cleaning. In all areas, it is necessary to monitor the process so that corrective action can be taken when necessary. This monitoring can be ensured by measuring the relevant parameters. The location of the measurement can also be very important for proper monitoring.