Balluff inductive sensors

Our partner german manufacturer Balluff offers a wide range of inductive sensors with diverse designs for nearly any application: from standard sensors to sensors with increased switching distance, hygienic sensors, high-pressure sensors, ex-zone sensors for hazardous areas, and factor 1 sensors. Some sensors have an additional ceramic or PTFE coating so that weld spatter, for example, cannot adhere to them. Sensors that are both factor 1 and all-metal are also available.

We recommend:

M12x1, Sn = 4mm, PNP (NO), IP68

Price - 21.00 EUR/pc.

M12x1, Sn = 4 mm, PNP (NO), IP68

Price - 22.00 EUR/pc.

BCC M445-0000-1A-000-41X475-000
M12x1, 250 VDC / 250 VAC, IP67

Price - 5 EUR/pc.

Additional discounts are available for larger purchases.

Looking forward to your inquiries!

Product group manager
Lukas Smailys

+370 698 83147

Balluff is one of Interautomatika's oldest suppliers, founded in Germany, 1921. The company is producing high-quality sensor, identification and networking solutions for all areas of automation. When it comes to quality we call it Balluff Quality. A higher standard that goes beyond applicable official standards.

    • Electronic and mechanical sensors – Inductive, Capacitive, Photoelectric, magnetic field, mechanical, ultrasonic, magnetically coded, magnetostrictive, inclination, pressure, temperature, microwave, flow sensors
    • Identification systems – RFID
    • Industrial networking – IO-link
    • Machine vision and optical identification.
    • Safety sensors.

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