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Our partner, Italian manufacturer Itec offers high-quality industrial thermometers that are suitable for use in liquid and gaseous media, corrosive environments, oil and gas production, chemical and petrochemical fields. There may be several kinds of thermometers according to their working principle, Itec offers the following types of thermometers:

  • Bimetallic thermometers use two strips of different metals to help convert temperature to mechanical displacement. Two different metals expand at different rates when heated.
  • Inert gas thermometers – the temperature of an object is measured by thermal expansion (changes in volume and pressure). The sensing element of this type of thermometer is filled with inert gas. A change in temperature causes an increase or decrease in the pressure of a system.
  • Thermocouples – consist of two different metal wires connected at both ends. One junction of the wires is placed in the space that’s temperature need to be measured. The other is kept at a constant lower temperature. The difference in temperature leads to generating of electromotive force.