About us

UAB Interautomatika

UAB „Interautomatika“ is a supplier of industrial automation products, services, and solutions. We offer devices for temperature, pressure, level and flow measurement, gas detection and analysis, and many more instruments that ensure an efficient process of any industry. The products we offer have many variables, therefore, they are easily adjustable to your company‘s needs. Our professional and competent product group managers will help you find the best solution and our service engineer will provide technical support during the warranty period. Interautomatika has partnerships with over 30 of the leading manufacturers in the international market, therefore, it can offer the best products to various industries.

SIA Interautomatika

Interautomatika has earned the trust of Lithuanian companies and is spreading towards other Baltic countries. To ensure a faster, higher quality service, the subsidiary SIA Interautomatika was created, which now serves Latvian and Estonian markets. Interautomatika’s group is a reliable industrial automation supplier, that ensures a great ratio between high quality, reliability and affordable prices. We offer solutions to industrial processes: flow, level, analysis, temperature measurement, engine control, control of mechanical parts movement, data storage, and digital connection.


Interlab is Interautomatika UAB brand in the Baltic countries, which was founded in expanding the company's practice and the arise of qualified personnel and new suppliers. This brand continues the tradition of high-quality services and offers: laboratory and medical equipment, products of clinical and veterinary diagnostics, food safety and quality tests. Interlab represents more than 50 best-known brand manufacturers, therefore any professional product group manager will select and offer you the most suitable for your needs solution or product. Find more information at www.interlab.lt


Facilitating the acquisition of high-quality industrial automation products.


Maintaining quality and efficiency, developing new partnerships, growing and expanding into the international market.

Our values


We are cooperating with internationally leading manufacturers, that supply us with quality production for water, energy, food, chemistry, paper, and other industries.


Our constantly trained and developed Product Group Managers work with our customers as well as our suppliers to ensure a smooth manufacturing process by offering the right solutions.


We value our loyal customers, therefore, are trying to form long-term partnerships and offer exclusive deals to our regular customers.


We are constantly searching for new possibilities, aiming to customize our offers to specific customers and their unique needs.


We are continually following technology news, refreshing not only our knowledge but our products as well. We always aim to deliver innovative solutions to our customers.